An Introduction To Queer Art

Hello! So, I thought I would use this first blog post to introduce myself and this column properly before I fill this little bit of the blog with art, poetry, and other gay stuff!
So, first things first, my name is Cerri (Seh-Ree), I am a 22 year old Queer writer, poet, and artist – or at least, I like to think I am!

I graduated July 2019 with a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing from (you guessed it) the University of Brighton! Since then my creativity has consisted of making art and writing poems about everything from #self- love, to gender identity, to politics, to sex, and a bunch of other topics (most of which you can find over on my IG). I like to think my work is quite diverse however, I think it’s also quite easy to see that my identity as a queer person always manages to squeeze its way into all my work in some way. Even managing to wriggle it’s way into this zine when I asked if my column could be all about Queerness in Art. Plus, another – slightly more conceptual – theme that I have found in my work is the use of colour purple in my work (and a lot of other parts of my life!). The course of borderline obsession with purple is hard to pin down, because there are so many things that
have contributed to it! I’ll keep it brief for you and say that the two main causes for this are: my birthstone being Amethyst – I know, I’m one of those people! And the second reason being my gender identity, flickering between masculine one day and femme the next, to me, is best represented for me by equating it to red + blue = purple.

Gender is a personal subject for every body, and for me, thinking about it in this way just helps me process all the feelings that come with it, and has massively influenced how I condense these feelings into my art and poetry.

Although some people may get tired of reading poems and looking at art that all have such similar messages and themes, I feel that (and this may be a little bit of a heavy topic) in today’s world of social and political turmoil, a person being unapologetically themselves in the face of so many trying to stop you from doing exactly that is one of the most powerful forms of political rebellion! And that’s what I – try – to do in my own art and writing!

That idea continues with this column, which I will tell you about now, because I feel like I have told you enough about myself
So! Welcome to Queer Art!

This column will – try to – cover all the aspects of Queerness in art, from the sexy, the sad, the fun, and the political! I’ve got some ideas for where I think I want this column to go, and I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I think you will!
I’ll be talking about Queer creativity in Quarantine with some of my art to go along with it, and the Act of Queering art itself (I would try and give a brief rundown of what that means but I think that topic needs a whole article to make it clear!) as well as some other interesting Queer topics!
Some pieces may be more personal, some may be a little more ‘think- piecey’, all depending on the topic of the piece! But, more than anything, I want to have fun with it, and for you to have fun reading it!

So, please feel free to leave any comments, either below or by DMing me on IG, letting me know what you liked about a post, or what you’d love to see me talk about next week, or if you want to have a chat about a subject!

Anyway, that’s for reading, I hope you liked it!


  1. Congratulations for your first blog post. As a member for lgbtqia+ community and as an avid reader and artist, I am in love with the theme of your blog. I would love to see what you come up with on this platform. Wishing you the very best.

    Stay safe and sound!
    Stay happy and healthy!

    Enigma 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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