Can a change be considered to be a ritual?

Last months have shown us that change is important but also that bringing a change into one’s life is a process.

In this post I’d like to concentrate on the term: acceptance. What does it mean to you? What are your ways of accepting? I believe there are millions of ways to accept. But I also believe that we, as artists and art lovers, have this incredible power in our hands *literally*. This power is that with our work we are able to stimulate the senses. Whether we create visual arts, music, poetry, inspirational quotes or something completely different, we have an impact. I have a challenge for you. Everyday for 10 days starting on 10.07.2020 I will be posting my creations about acceptance on my Instagram stories under hashtag #acceptmybest. Whether it’s accepting and appreciating each other, no matter where we come from or how we look like, accepting ourselves, our faults, our bodies, accepting the nature that surrounds us, accepting opportunities we’re given and finally accepting the change. There are so many aspects of acceptance that should be brought to life. I’d like to encourage you to do the same. You don’t have to post it, you can just have it for yourself as a reminder or share it with your close ones. Art is our power and we should always remember about it. If you’re not sure what to post you can even repost someone else’s pieces. The idea is to connect through art, spread the love and show others that we care and we want to make a change together. Show that we’re equal. To me, to accept doesn’t mean to agree for all the negativity to happen, but it means appreciating others, appreciating the World and believing that a positive change is important.

Maria Krupa, “Morning Routine”, video-art, 2020

During the summer term I’ve created a video called “Morning Routine”. Through this video I decided to deal with my faults but also share a part of my life; my thoughts in the morning. This time of a day is very special because we’re starting a day off with a fresh mind, somehow we know that things will be different and that we will have to deal with something completely new. There are no two moments that are identical. Considering it all, there’s a question that came to my mind: “Can a change be considered to be a ritual?”. Our World is rapidly changing, there aren’t many things we can be certain about anymore. As Miley Cyrus once sang: “Change is a thing you can count on”. So let’s create and bring the positive change into this unclear and difficult atmosphere. As a community there’s no way to be passive anymore. There is only one good word starting on “pass” and it’s “passionate”.

I wish you all an incredible summer!

Keep creating, keep safe,


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