Language is the best weapon artists have.

• Name: Edoardo Monteforte
• Occupation: Performer
• University Degree: Political Sciences
• Favourite artist: William S. Burroughs
• Favourite colour: Black
• Favourite sound: Sound of Silence

Being an artist to me means playing with reality and nonsense. I live in Italy , a country where being an artist is not considered as a job by a lot of people. In Sicily in particular , we (the artistic lot over here) must fight against bigotry of the local bourgeois. I started my activity as a Performer during my time at University. I understood that I want be the voice of discriminated community and at the same time I wanted to discover myself trough the means of language . So I started writing plays using material from Burroughs to Brecht and then I put myself on stage . First time was awful. Nobody understood the performance, and not being able to access a real cultural scene, I did not have the possibility to have a dialogue with the audience.

After months of practice I started to voyage around the country creating performances with a company. It was truly beautiful. I became a part of the underground performance scene, I was initiated to a world made people perceived as “freaks” by others. Those freaks became my second family. I was constantly inspired by various stories, the knowledge and artistic values passed on, I started to develop new friendships tied with strong bonds. I developed even more empathy through working with the artistic lot.

In my work, empathy is necessary. You are never alone (even where you are alone with yourself) and
you must allow yourself to feel what others might feel. I started with a lot of rereading what I previously have written, searching, modifying, checking if everything sounds good. I searched for the use of words within my body, how my body can portray the words written on pages. I try to use words as movements. Then, if I work with a company, we look for errors, search for conflicts in intentions (to find “harmony” one should unite the opposite), and finally, we can go on stage.

In order to practice writing I use cut outs to create new body of text. Let me explain! Firstly, take a page, find an article that interests you, now cut it down the middle and then across the middle, you have four sections – 1, 2, 3, 4 – NOW rearrange the sections placing section four with section one and section two with section three. Congratulations – you have a brand new article, a completely new page. Just like that you can find a new voice in something old. You can find the hidden truth. I remember one day when I used this method with a page with a political speech on it. You can’t imagine how well it worked. You can find the really intentions behind the power.

Language is the best weapon artists have.

Now I’m a little bit depressed . After the quarantine in Italy, most of Theaters fell in crisis. And we
don’t know how and when we can be back on stage. Maybe we should return to the underground as Man Ray says. I started a blog project ( to be keep myself inspired. Slowly I hope that we can all hug again and go back to laughing, crying and loving with no consequences.
Hugs from Italy – Edoardo

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