Does this mean that I am a genius whose art will be appreciated much later?!

Trust me, in my eyes being an artist and living such a life is an art itself. To manage your time and emotions and to be ready to express yourself through art is often very personal. In fact, making a drawing, you put your heart and soul in it and you give your time and effort. Then your thoughts become visible to the audience and they start to evaluate, to criticise, to appreciate and eventually to love.Well, there are several types of people- some like to exhibit their art, others keep it to themselves until their friends find out their art and inspire the artist to exhibit his or her art. There is a third type of artists who love to do what they do but only a few people appreciate and give value to it. And the last type of artists are those who create some kind of work, but this is rather no one would really appreciate it.So the reason why I am saying all this is to explain that my artworks have been overvalued at my early childhood, later my art was appreciated and seen by my family, and today, in my consideration, the art that is done on a daily basis is situated somewhere between underappreciated and not appreciated at all.

Does this mean that I am a genius whose art will be appreciated much later?! This is hard to say, however I can tell you more about my passion and way of working…

Simple and minimalistic type of art. Usually attention is paid to every single line and when it the way I want it to be i just love it and show it. Well, there are times when a line turns more to the left instead of being straight… in those cases the disappointment is huge and some type of sadness appears inside of me. When a line is ugly there are two choices for me to make- take our the rubber, or throw away the sheet of paper and start to scratch! It varies according to the level of dissatisfaction. But, my style is such and my desire is to create simple and clean art without using rubber. I just feel like it. Furthermore, my teacher is the same type of artist- he rarely uses rubber.

So you can probably imagine how precise and careful my moves should be in order to achieve the desired lines with so much dedication and love. This is how it is done!

Art… It is interesting to do it, it is… it is hard to write about it especially when you have to go in details. As a matter of fact, I know from my teacher that too many different colors will destroy the beauty of an artwork. An artist should stick to several colors and as many shades as suitable. Imagine a warrior… ancient Greek warrior with brown eyes, short brown hair, beard, and a spear in his hands. Behind him is a horse and a lushy forest. Pine trees… Now, the less colors and the more shades of the colors you use, the better will be the final result. So my teacher told me.

Yes, depends on the perception that has to be created, the style of the artwork, more colors can be used. Pop-art for example is extremely colorful and vivid. Definitely not my type of art. However, in case that this is what a client wants to be created, well, the sky is the limit…

I know people who create a single A4 artwork for months. There are other artists who make the same size within minutes. So, what I want to tell you is this: There are rules in art, but there are no time limitations. There are professionalists who know the rules and follow them, there are also professionalists who know the rules and break them in order to make a point, to state an opinion, to express a vision. On the other hand, there are amateurs who do whatever just to get noticed. I have seen this and that and today, at the age of 29 all there is to say about my own art is: dedication, passion and love to every idea. When heart and soul are involved the result will be beautiful!

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