Bride series by Joss

About the work:

These photographs are part of a series in which I dress up as a bride. The photos were taken in my Middlesex University and also at Bethnal Green church. The piece was inspired by the drag queens such as Coco Peru and Divine. I wanted to capture a narrative, that stretches beyond the visual information of the photos.

A little bit about the artist:

Joss Munson is a UK based multimedia artist born in a small Suffolk town and grew up in East London. At the age of 14 he was diagnosed with a typical autism. He attended City and Islington College to study art and design. At 18 he developed schizoaffective disorder. Now in spite of all the challenges, he has been able to attend Middlesex University to study Fine Art.
Joss’ work ranges from talking about his personal life, trauma and struggle to inside jokes and escapism.
His work has taken the form of short films; ambrosia was his first major film that was exhibited at his college in 2015. It explores the roles in a relationship between man and inanimate object. Joss plays the part of someone who is in love with an inanimate mannequin. And it was shown 5 years later as part of virtual exploding cinema COVIDeo extravaganza on the 6th June 2020. He collaborated and curated 2 online shows, the EOY show (end of year) was a celebration of his and his colleagues final work, Distorted World which is a virtual reality exhibition in collaboration with Dovetail Joints Virtual Gallery. His article Virtual Online Galleries: the aftermath of Covid19 was published on art touches art blog on May 17th 2020. He has performed on stage in University, producing a one man show: the unofficial Resident Evil Pantomime, in which he dressed as ‘Jill Sandwich’ and lip synced to a few songs, and involved some audience participation.

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