The Aran Sweater’s romantic tales

The Aran Islands are set off the west coast of Ireland at Galway Bay. The Atlantic weather is relentless with cold Atlantic gusts making life hard bearing, isolated but beautiful. The islands were self sufficient lands where fishing and farming were peoples’ livelihoods. Rearing sheep for wool and food was a large part of it.

Motivate yourself!

Thanks to the flexibility of my day job I can easily maneuver between doing my master’s degree, various courses (now it’s mental health, hr and pr courses) and planning to open yet another business – for now there are only plans and even more courses! But how do you stay motivated in the world filled with day jobs leaving you little to no time to relax and have a breather? Let me give you some tips!

5 books that everyone should read (whatever your age)

Only in my late 20s, I discovered my love for the stories. I listened to an audible version narrated by Scarlett Johannsson, and it finally came to me. The story is something everyone should read at least once in their life. It keeps the child spirit lit inside of us, and that is something that we need to do- during these times more than ever.