Create to educate – Aman’s story

What has inspired me to direct and produce my first short film?

Helping people and creating awareness always gives me motive in life. Education in a child’s life plays a major role in shaping his future and it always bothered me when I saw underprivileged children not getting education. These children are happy but unaware and education is one of the prominent medium to make them aware. I see and listen things in visuals and want to communicate my thoughts the same way. It was impossible for me to take the whole world, make a one big conference for everyone and say what I want to say. Therefore, I decided to communicate to the audience around the globe through visuals and that is how Color happened. During making of this movie, I realized that film making is such a beautiful medium and this is what keeps me going every day.
My recent film Heroes was officially selected at the Echo BRICS Film Festival 2020, Moscow, Russia, this year. My prime focus is more on writing, direction and editing. Currently, I am writing a story for a short film which I would be starting shooting once the situation get back to normal.

Image from Aman’s Instagram @aainamovies

I am born and brought up in a small village of Haryana, India. I have a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Computer Science and Engineering. I started my work as an Independent writer, director and producer. The process of film making keeps me inspired. I am always excited to meet people for creative collaborations who create to entertain the audience.

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