Daya and the exploration of themes of identity

Daya tells us about herself as an artist and what made her choose this path:

I am artist/illustrator. I create portraits, animations, fashion illustrations and patterns exploring themes of identity. Art has always been something I loved growing up. To me, it’s about how lost in creating I become and the feeling I get after finishing a piece that made me want to grow and develop as an artist. I think art for me is just a way of living. It becomes a part of everything I do and the way I express myself.

Bollywood for me has always been something I’ve loved. Especially the movies of Sanjay Leela Bhansali. The way he uses costume, music, set and dialogue to take the audience to another place is incredible. I feel like I teleport to another place when I am creating and that’s something I aim to do with my art, be able to take people to another worlds when they look at my art.

I never really knew it was possible to pursue a career within art till I began following another illustrator, Inkquisitive, who is doing amazing things in his career. He really inspired me to pursue my passion as a career. Waking up everyday to do something that fulfills me as a person, is a choice I do not regret.

I feel like creativity really allows you to be as ambitious as you want to be and as long as you work hard towards your goals, anything is possible. Through my art I have also been able to connect with so many amazing individuals and see their reaction of their portraits or just how they bring their ideas to visual life is something I find really rewarding.

To connect with Daya or see more of her work go to:

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