First steps in the music industry by EEL

Eel, a musical artists tells us a bit about himself, what inspires him, what are his goals and he describes his album Nigt Time for us!

I’m a musical artist who makes beats. I started my beat making journey in early 2019. Before that I used to upload gaming content on my YouTube channel, then one day I decided to change the type of content I produce and share to music as music has always been a passion of mine. I’m a self-taught beat producer. I often refer to my music as a mix of relaxing sounds if my friends ask me about it. What’s my inspiration? Any other artists making beats. My aim is to continue to inspire my audience and keep making music. I also plan on making more relaxing music since my fans seemed to really like my album Night Time, I call it the relaxing album.

(Eel on EEL) ‘About EEL’s album ‘Night Time’: On Monday 25th March 2019 EEL release his first musical album ‘Night Time’ which features three tracks by the names, RELAX, SLEEP & DREAM. EEL released this album without even informing his fans on social media, this was all unexpected to them. By time EEL release this album, it immediately started getting a lot of good feedback from his fans and even new viewers, who got his album recommended. Many people said that his album is really relaxing and chill to listen to. Some viewers even said that it helped them sleep. His track ‘DREAM’ was the most liked beat out of his other two, it got the most views, most likes and most feedback.’

To connect with Eel or see more of his work go to:

email –

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