A Mask of Many Faces

A Mask of Many Faces

The stem of my anxiety comes from my care of other people.

Ones I hate- ‘What makes me a victim to you?’

Ones I love- ‘ I don’t want to let you down’

Ones I want to impress- ‘Will you notice me?’

Ones I want to depress- ‘ I shouldn’t like you’

Ones that intimidate me-‘ Will this please you?’

Ones that I intimidate- ‘ Leave me alone!’

Ones that hurt me- ‘That’s funny!’

Ones that I hurt-‘ Suck it up!’

I’ll wear the mask of whoever you want me to be.

 Many faces but none the real me.

I can’t be who I am without somebody’s stare.

Disapproving, unwilling to care.

How it makes me feel.

But still.

Do what it takes to not stand out.

I don’t want to be pushed down again.

My mask cannot crumble. I am afraid of who I am.

Which face shall I wear now?

A little bit about the artist:

Emily Berry – A London girl but currently studying Theatre and Drama at the University of Kent. The fancy way of saying she runs around all day pretending to be someone else. Throughout her life, she has had times where she has felt like another person and she had a fair few panic attacks. Although that part of her life has become less prominent in defining who she is, she continues to feel the repercussions of those insecurities. And she imagines plenty of people feel that way as well. Emily hasn’t been writing poetry for a long term, but it is an outlet to truly be herself and get her thoughts out on the page and create something beautiful.  Emily encourages anyone to do the same and create stories from what they consider bad about themselves. Because, it is truly beautiful.

Find more from Emily:

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