Fenloe and folk art

Fenloe on his art style:

At the beginning of my art journey I used vibrant colours and impulsive brushstrokes to create unique shapes and textures. My work has rapidly evolved into its current form, which consists of my trademark bright and bold colours, as well as a simplistic subject. My work so far has featured industrial equipment and landscapes, as well as my interpretation of animals and nature, and of course, food. I am heavily influenced by the stunning works of legendary Nova Scotia folk artist, Maud Lewis. Most of my paintings are done from memory, attempting to capture a certain feeling in a moment. I almost always listen to music to help me focus on my painting, I listen to lots of different music, but my main source of peace and inspiration is the wonderful Kurt Vile. I almost never correct my ‘mistakes’ when painting because usually they end up being the most beautiful part of my work. 

A little bit about the artist:

Fenloe is a British-Canadian folk artist currently living and working in Nova Scotia, Canada. His works include the use of mixed media and a variety of subjects. He was born in 1997 in Derbyshire, England, his father is a painter and decorator, and his mother is a nurse. As a child he developed what would go on to become a lifelong obsession with nature. His father taught him how to fish at a young age, and this only increased his admiration for wildlife. During his teenage years he acquired a passion for playing and watching soccer. His interest in creating came during this time, too. He discovered talents in acting, creative writing, and playing music. At the age of 17 he and his family moved to Nova Scotia, Canada. This change of environment forced him to adapt in order to keep creating. After travelling around Alberta, Canada for 12 months enjoying nature in the Rocky Mountains, eventually, he discovered his passion for making artwork. In the present day, he works a full-time job in the construction industry. His drive to create has only been amplified by his professional pursuits as, in his free time, he can usually be found at his desk working on a new painting. He and his fiancée enjoy movies, going for walks, nature, cooking, and being part-time soccer hooligans.


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