09|05|2020 by Ginny

Title: 09|05|2020 Year: 2020,6 x 28,4 cm

Candy wrapper, book page, Polaroid packaging and pen on dotted paper

Prints available on request (please contact the artist through social media).

This work combines element which usually would have been thrown away. The photograph comes from a book that was supposed to be thrown out, the Polaroid card comes with every box of film and is usually a protective layer. It is the first thing to come out of a Polaroid camera after the film has been changed. The candy wrapper is usually the last thing being thrown away after having eaten up. In this way the elements are given an new meaning, new context and new life, now appreciated as a work of art.

A little bit about the artist:

Ginny Sol W. is an artist and designer of colour based in Düsseldorf, Germany studying communication design at Peter Behrens School of Arts.

Being an environmental- and feminist activist their artworks mostly focus on themes such as queer identity, discrimination, sexism, fascism and the ongoing threat of the climate crisis. In addition to that, Ginny has given talks about eco-conscious living and our impact on the planet and humanity itself at L’Oréal, DZ HYP, WDR and more. Raised by an artist mother herself, Ginny grew up surrounded by art and fortunately had their talent and passion for it recognised and encouraged from an early age. Through this they soon learned to express themes that took a great role in their life through various artistic media. Now they are mostly focused on making intricate analogue collages, combining carefully selected and collected recycled magazines, postcards, brochures and more with tape-designs, drawings and stickers. They also have a great interest in analogue photography, usually centering around abstract and surreal motives.

Apart from all of this Ginny loves spending time with their tricolour cat Alice (usually only referred to as “Bebi” by the family) and munching away on all kinds of Asian food (all vegan of course). Whenever possible, they try to organise trips to the museum or art-creating sessions with their friends to help the creative juices flow.

Find more of Ginny’s work at:



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