Camden by McGowan

About the work:

Some of McGowan’s work has strong political links with regards to historical and social contexts of, for example housing and the class system. Her identification of factors within socialism creates a consistent aesthetic that allows her work to develop through subjective parallels of architectural space and engages personal association with urban environments. 

McGowan however has no interest in creating an argument within political ideologies yet attempts to make her focus’ easily identifiable to create discussion and bring forward a range of perspectives.  

A little bit about the artist:

McGowan uses a multi-disciplinary approach when it comes to art. Focusing on photography, sculpture and installation, she questions the separation between territories regarding memory and the realm of physical experience. McGowan captivates viewers’ attention by maintaining a state of equilibrium between subjects throughout her conceptual practice. Her work questions the clarity of the state in which we live and how the modern world allows us to thrive and exist. 

Her work urges a renegotiation to the format of traditional photography, it becomes responsive and volatile when commenting on often disregarded parts of obtrusive environments in which we have constant contact with. These new conditions of objects and locations are questioned within her work through abstraction. These valuable tactics of modification permits a development of dual interpretations. The public dominion acts as her stimulus specifically public space, however she believes momentary interactive and unanticipated components make up the systematized way we live, whether that be in a public or private arena. Her understanding is that architecture of private spaces is usually more economically monotonous in comparison to the public realm.

Find more from McGowan:

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