Isolation, solitude, and the need for self-entertainment in paint by Monika

Clown interrupted
Acrylic on paper- This painting was completed during the 2020 national lockdown and is a part of figurative work series inspired by the idea of people being locked inside their own houses, isolated from loved ones, giving up their freedom, desperately trying to entertain themselves with anything they can find.
The title “clown” represents the idea of people having to entertain themselves (and thus becoming “clowns”)
Let me get some colour
Oil on canvas- this painting was inspired by the social media culture. The bottle of fake tan is somewhat a satirical remark on how often the amount of likes depends on how well a person can fake their looks, fortune, or even happiness. 
A walk
Mixed media on paper- another work completed during the lockdown, inspired by one of the few things people were still allowed to do: take their pet for a walk.

A little bit about the author:

Monika is a UK based artist whose art is about exploring the world. Through her paintings she examines places and cultures, current trends and social norms, as well as the representation of self in everyday life. Overall, her work is inspired by many different aspects of the modern life and therefore often varies in subject. However, she loves to work with vivid colours, expressive brush strokes, and prefers to paint from sketches or even directly from imagination. Her love for art showed at an early age, when she was learning alongside her mother who also painted at that time. However, without an official art degree at the beginning she found it difficult to make people understand she was serious about art. She decided to take an advantage of her day job in customer facing environment and talked about her art with anyone who would listen. That is how she sold her first few art pieces and got commissions. She believes in keeping a day job for the time being as a form of steady income, but spends majority of her time creating, promoting her art, networking, and even teaching private lessons. Monika believes creativity is what drives the world forward and her motto is: When you succeed, share your knowledge and help someone else to succeed as well.

Full name: Monika Lorincova

Instagram – @monika_lorincova

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