It’s like a swarm of wasps in my head – Nicolle

About the work:

It´s a poem dealing with anxiety and anxiety attacks, in my opinion, when someone has an anxiety or panic attack, they feel very alone in it and no one can really understand it unless they experienced it themselves. There is nothing they can really do about it. That is kind of how I see it and of course, people might see it differently. 

A little bit about the artist:

Nicolle is a 26-year-old freelance poet and writer from the Czech Republic. She is a proud libra and a Slytherin who can´t stop talking about Batman-related stuff. She currently lives in her home country. She is working towards a master degree in Creative writing and publishing at Bournemouth University. Nicolle is working on a dissertation which is a section of her upcoming novel. She loves to write about topics which might be difficult to discuss such as mental health. Nicolle has a poetry collection coming in the late autumn of 2020 called Aftermath.

To read Nicolle’s piece from the first Issue /Beginnings/ CLICK HERE

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