Liars on the Throne by Nicolle

Nicolle Knapová on her piece:

So, the process of writing this poem was actually quite random. I suffer from self-destruction and because of the political situation in my country that was caused by the Corona virus pandemic, I felt so helpless and upset that I just sat in the bathroom, took out the notes on my phone and typed away. The meaning behind this poem is the lies and half-truths coming from the ministers and other politicians in my country. We have only little under 8000 cases but the restrictions are extremely intense. About the articles in the news that basically negate one another. How no one really knows how long will the restrictions last and how ridiculous some of them are. Our prime minister is basically a corrupted businessman from Slovakia who enjoys the attention and manipulating of pretty much everyone he has any leverage on and making this country look like it is the communism once again.

Has it ever happened to you

That you are so upset

So fucking miserable

That you want to destroy everything in your sight?

You want to rip the pages apart

You want to smash plates across the floor

You want to get drunk even though you don’t actually drink

You want to scream until there is no voice left

Find someone to blame

Because you have no control over your life

Because someone stole that choice from you

-liars on the throne

A little bit about the artist:

Nicolle is a 26-year-old freelance poet and writer from the Czech Republic. She is currently living in her home country, working towards a master degree in Creative writing and publishing at Bournemouth University. She loves to write about topics which might be difficult to discuss such as mental health.  

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