Veronica and perspective

Let’s start from the beginning – what Wunderkammer is about:

It’s a beg and an invitation at the same, towards all those people who still act like nothing was going on. A beg to spend more time at home, an invitation to look at your house in a different way.
Our homes should become a place where we can feel safe, inspired and relaxed.
Filling the space and interacting with it, home becomes almost like a friend with whom we build a relationship that has to be nurtured and taken care of.
This project was born from a positive feeling,the one of going back to childhood,when even a simple room, could mean infinite possibilities, a universe, a book with blank pages to fill…

Wunderkammer by Veronica

A little bit about the author:

Veronica Carli, visual and motion designer, creative soul and nature enthusiast.
After living and working in Milan she moved to Berlin, captured by the genuine freedom and charming melancholy of this multifaceted city.
As an eclectic and curious person, there she had the chance to work for several studios, in various fields. Happy to have this variety in her job, which is also one of her passions. From illustration to animation, from 2D to 3D, a smartphone screen or the opera theater, she believes there’s no limit to the power of imagination, and design.
Determined and resilient she likes to challenge herself, stepping out of her comfort zone
and striving for all things unconventional, meaningful and eye pleasing. She likes to see the world through a child’s eye, experience life with a joyful, humble heart,
and act with a clear, rational mind.

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