Home Crafting for Lockdown 2.0

There is a resurgence of popularity with home made crafts and goods. I believe that people are reacting to the mass market and fast fashion brands that churn out items in their multitudes. Upcycling, the buzz word of the moment, is part of this reaction to overbuying.

Don’t be afraid to make a profit of your art and how I started a youtube channel

I’ve started by simply making a mind map of what I like to draw when I’m at home trying to relax. I’ve chosen simple watercolors, insects, flowers, and movie stills, I’ve got a couple of projects I’ve been putting off – and that forced me to stay on top of the task. It was frustrating at first and I didn’t quite knew how to set up everything as I would want to exactly, but it’s pretty much trials and errors till you get it right.